SG Synergia main speciality is the waste management. We meet all applicable standards and regulations, and we continually adapt the scope of our services to the current state policy. Thus we disseminate environment-friendly activities, we contribute to improvement of the environment, as well as the efficient us of the secondary recyclable materials. Within the waste management services we deal with municipal, industrial, hazardous and construction waste, and with sewage treatment plants waste.


SG Synergia provides comprehensive services for sewage treatment plants in the management of waste coming from the plants. Waste such as sewage sludge, screenings or grit contents are collected by our company and then recycled or disposed in plant installations throughout the country.


Construction waste management is one of the most common tasks carried out by SG Synergia. Many companies that regularly realize construction work has established in that regard permanent cooperation with SG Synergia. The company also reaches on its own the producers of such waste, providing them with professional, comprehensive services of collection and transportation. Well-developed fleet enables it to handle orders of any size.


Full and effective use of waste would be impossible without precise and efficient sorting. SG Synergia provides sorting services of waste of all kind, taking into account all the recyclable materials that can be reused.

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